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Edge Investigations provides a high-quality and independent investigation service for people, businesses and governmental agencies in Maitland.

We’re often called in when cases are complex or of a sensitive nature. Our misconduct and workplace investigators in Maitland will work alongside your team while using our legal expertise and knowledge of NSW workplace legislation to provide an unbiased and clear investigation into reports of misconduct, harassment or discrimination.


Edge Investigations examines allegations involving incidents of misconduct in aged care residential facilities that are subsidised by the Australian Government. Some of the most common complaints from aged care residents include physical abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, sexual abuse, misconduct and neglect.

To help ensure that elderly residents receive quality treatment, aged care facilities must meet a national standard of care—including the right for residents to be free from intentional or unintentional misconduct.

Edge Investigations can examine complaints or incidents within the residency facility and investigate compliance with these standards through the Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS). Our aged care investigations in Maitland provide a timely report of serious incidents occurring within the facility and offer an opportunity to identify and solve issues.


If incidents of misconduct, abuse or neglect of an individual with a disability have occurred and the accused is a service provider licensed by the National Disability Insurance Scheme, an appropriate disability investigation in Maitland must occur.

All of Edge Investigations’ examinations into allegations of abuse and neglect of disabled people are conducted by experienced investigators who are familiar with Reportable Incidents and work in accordance with National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) mandatory reporting obligations.

Allegations of psychological abuse, physical abuse, financial exploitation and neglect by disability service providers may be investigated by our independent disability investigators in Maitland.


Workplace bullying, harassment and discrimination are problems that will be witnessed or experienced by a majority of the workforce at some point.

Under Australian law, every employer has a legal duty of care to protect employees while they’re at work, including addressing issues relating to bullying and harassment. Therefore, if a member of your workforce has made a complaint of verbal, physical or psychological abuse against you, a manager or another person at work, it’s advisable to acquire the assistance of a bullying and harassment investigation service in Maitland.

Edge Investigations’ highly-skilled team are experts at investigating instances of bullying and harassment in Maitland and can compile an independent report that can be used in a civil or criminal case, if necessary.


If you require a professional investigation into a complex situation in the workplace, Edge Investigations is here to help.

We are one of the top workplace investigators in Maitland and are specially trained to investigate a wide range of misconduct issues, bullying, harassment and discrimination allegations. Our high-quality workplace investigation service in Maitland will ensure that, as an employer, you can confidently pursue a fair course of action that is compliant with Australian law.

Para-athletes Doing Fist Bump


Edge Investigations are experts in the business of sport and approach investigations with knowledge of the unique issues arising from the demands, risks and challenges associated with the professional sporting business.

As an approved investigation provider for all sporting bodies which operate under the guidance of Sports Integrity Australia, we are authorised to investigate allegations of mistreatment, harassment, misconduct, bullying, discrimination and a wide range of other allegations that may need the services of a specialised sport integrity investigator in Maitland.

If you require assistance with investigating workplace disputes, allegations of misconduct, or breaches or contraventions of workplace laws, contact Edge Investigations today.

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