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Edge Investigations is a dedicated member of the Newcastle community we serve and provide comprehensive civil workplace investigation services to people, businesses and governmental agencies throughout New South Wales.

It is essential that employers and service providers take complaints of misconduct or abuse seriously and dedicate the necessary attention and resources to the investigation. Our investigation services in Newcastle are conducted in an impartial, timely and thorough manner as we gather evidence, interview witnesses, assess credibility and prepare a report based on the issues investigated.

In addition to workplace investigations for businesses, our company has gone through a strict vetting process to be appointed as an Approved Investigation Provider for all sporting bodies which operate under the guidance of Sports Integrity Australia.


Aged care abuse in Newcastle can result from negligence in failing to take care of daily tasks that are necessary to maintain the welfare of an individual, or through other intentional and unintentional acts. It is a crime that often goes unreported, but statistics show the frequency of aged care abuse in New South Wales is increasing in number with an estimated 185,000 older people in Australia experiencing some form of abuse or neglect each year.

Edge Investigations’ aged care investigators in Newcastle can work in accordance with the Serious Incident Response Scheme (SIRS) to conduct a thorough aged care investigation, as is mandatory under Australian Law, to determine the extent of the alleged aged care abuse and rectify inadequate processes or procedures intended to identify abuse and neglect.


People with disabilities in Newcastle are at a higher risk of being victims of abuse, neglect and crime. Estimates show people with disabilities are at least four times more likely to be the victims of abuse than people without disabilities are.

Edge Investigations advocates for equal protection of people with disabilities in Newcastle. We do this through disability investigations into Disability Reportable Incidents that are being conducted through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

Disability investigations in Newcastle need to adhere to strict processes and procedures that comply with all applicable legislative and regulatory requirements. Our disability investigators in Newcastle offer a full range of NDIS investigative services, including comprehensive investigations of Disability Reportable Incidents, supported investigation services that assist Disability Service Providers to conduct their own investigations and holistic site-based reviews.


When an employee makes a formal complaint, the employer should take appropriate steps to stop the alleged bullying or harassment and begin investigations. Under the Fair Work Act and Work Health and Safety legislation, companies are legally obligated to investigate complaints of bullying and harassment in Newcastle with complete transparency and in accordance with proper legal principles.

To make sure a fair inquiry is conducted, many employers seek the assistance of a bullying and harassment investigator in Newcastle.  Our investigators have the training and experience in matters of harassing conduct occurring in the workplace and offer objective and neutral workplace investigations in Newcastle.

bully and harassment investigations


In most cases, employers do not have the necessary training to conduct a thorough workplace investigation and incomplete reports often result in an improper or insufficient investigation, causing significant exposure to liability to the company.

In cases of serious misconduct, it is always best to use the services of an external investigator with specialised skills in workplace investigations in Newcastle.

By using Edge Investigations’ Newcastle workplace investigation services, you'll receive the expertise needed to conduct an investigation into any complaints and issues and will have the assistance of our knowledgeable team to guide you through the process.

If you require assistance with investigating workplace disputes, allegations of misconduct, or breaches or contraventions of workplace laws, contact Edge Investigations today.

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