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At some point, every employer or organisation will face the need to investigate an incident of alleged misconduct. In many cases, it’s essential to use the services of an independent civil workplace investigator in Port Stephens to determine the facts behind the allegations and prevent their reoccurrence.

Edge Investigations team produces comprehensive and thorough written reports, which include our evaluation of the incident, conclusions as to whether allegations are substantiated and help employers determine the appropriate course of action, if requested.

In cases of complex complaints when there is a greater risk of liability, it is useful to have an experienced and impartial service to investigate. Edge Investigations is experienced in handling all aspects of internal investigations in Port Stephens and can assist in a range of cases involving misconduct, abuse, fraud or neglect.


An investigation will usually include interviews with the aged care facility resident, their family members and staff who are accused of misconduct or wish to present evidence in the investigation.

Whether such alleged incidents of misconduct are intentional, or simply the result of carelessness, an external investigator in Port Stephens can determine whether a case against an aged care facility is warranted as a fair case of abuse or neglect.

The most common cases that our aged care investigators in Port Stephens conduct are concerning:

  • Physical abuse

  • Emotional abuse

  • Sexual abuse

  • Neglect

  • Financial exploitation


National Disability Insurance Scheme Service Providers have a system in place for reporting allegations of abuse, neglect and exploitation of disabled members of the community.

Assuring high-quality care and quality of life for all disabled residents in Port Stephens is a priority. To protect the health and safety of disabled people accessing NDIS services, independent investigators in Port Stephens are occasionally recruited to conduct an investigation into allegations of neglect, abuse, mistreatment and other negligent practices.

Our disability service investigators in Port Stephens offer a full range of services including:

  • comprehensive investigations of Disability Reportable Incidents

  • supported investigation services that assist Disability Service Providers

  • holistic site-based reviews


Employers have a legal duty to conduct investigations involving workplace rights, such as harassment discrimination, safety violations and others. If an employee feels that one or some of their rights have been violated, a workplace investigation must take place.

Workplace investigations must limit disruption without lessening the integrity of the investigation. When an investigation must get underway, it’s important to select a workplace investigator in Port Stephens who is objective, unbiased and dedicated to compiling a thorough assessment of the allegations.

Edge Investigations has experience in a wide range of workplace-related issues including minimising the risks of legal action and ensuring compliance with Australian employment laws.

Allegations of possible breaches of workplace laws in Port Stephens can include:

  • unlawful discrimination based on sex, age, race or disability

  • bullying

  • sexual harassment or physical assault

  • unfair dismissal

  • harassment of an employee by an employer

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Edge Investigations conduct sports integrity investigations in Port Stephens under the accreditation of Sport Integrity Australia.

We have an established reputation in the sports industry and boast an unrivalled network of experts to deliver independent sports integrity services for any sports organisations or athletes in Port Stephens.

Whether the allegations are in relation to staff, athletes or other external members of a sports organisation, our sports integrity investigators can assess and investigate any allegations of abuse or misconduct.

As accredited Sport Integrity Australia investigators in Port Stephens, we frequently investigate allegations of the following issues:

  • Mistreatment

  • Harassment

  • Misconduct

  • Bullying

  • Discrimination

  • Doping


If you require the help and guidance of an independent investigator, contact the team at Edge Investigations team today.

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